Saturday, February 16, 2008

One Poem Contest

Calling all poets
Time is running out to enter the 5th annual poetry contest sponsored by the S.C. Poetry Initiative and The State newspaper. Entries will be accepted through Feb. 26. Winners, whose work will be published in The State and who will receive cash prizes, will be announced April 26 at a poetry celebration at the Columbia Museum of Art.
• Poems must be no more than 70 lines long.
• Authors must be at least 16 years old and a native or permanent resident of South Carolina.
• All entries must be unpublished and original poems.
• Each entry is a single poem; authors may submit multiple poems.
• Previous winners must wait a period of two years before submitting work.
• Entry fee is $5 per poem. Make checks payable to the USC Educational Foundation . (You can write one check to cover the cost of multiple entries by the same author.) Entries with checks made payable to other entities will not be accepted.
• The author’s name should not appear on the same page as the poem but should be on a separate cover sheet that includes name, address, phone number, name of the poem, e-mail address, author’s date of birth and a 50-70 word bio.
• Entries will not be returned to the authors.
• Mail entries to:
Poetry contest
c/o The State, Features Department
P.O. Box 1333
Columbia, SC 29202
POETRY BOOK CONTEST: The Poetry Initiative also sponsors a poetry book contest for unpublished collections of original poems. For more information on it or the single-poem contest, call Charlene Monahan Spearen at (803) 777-5492, e-mail her at or view the guidelines at

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Tamara Miles said...

Thanks for posting this --- I seem to be good at announcing things but not following through on the details, and as we know, the devil lives there. :>)

This is the poem I am now considering submitting for the contest:

On Depression

I vanish.
A great hawk lands in my nest of thoughts,
twigs and lint carefully gathered for weeks
thrown violently out,
egg ideas tumble to the ground,
shells cracked, unborn doomed or at best absorbed into the earth,
where another, smaller bird
pecks at my absent heart.