Thursday, February 7, 2008


7 More Rumors About Barack Obama, and
1 About Hillary Clinton:
Coming soon to a Conservative Blog Near You

His friends at Christ Church call him “Barry.” Consequently,
Many don’t know he’s running for president
And think that guy in the news
Must be a Muslim.

He once posed for a photograph in front of the flag, but
Failed to put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem
Because he was turning to face Mecca.

When he was 19, he published a poem about
Underground apes eating figs.
Figs are a conventional metaphor for blessings,
Apes for mindlessness,
And underground settings for the unconscious.
This means he wants to destroy America
(As if we didn’t know.)

Barack Obama writes to Nikki Giovanni every mother’s day.
He signs the cards “Noah.”
She thinks he’s cute.

After hearing Don Imus on the radio,
He called the captain of the Rutgers Ladies Basketball team
To offer some grooming tips.
She hung up on him.

Africans believe that after the US,
He will run for President of Kenya
And combine the two countries.
He has never denied this.

His campaign manager offered me money
Not to write this poem.

Hillary Clinton has put a mob “hit” on him
Like she did with Vince Foster
And Bill’s dog Buddy.
This explains a lot.


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and you will have an idea as to why I wrote this poem.

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Tamara Miles said...

I love it! Are we meeting today? Do you want to postpone until Janet gets back?